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Candidates for Eagan City Council

The joint committee we formed with the House District 52B Republicans has recommended two candidates for Eagan City Council.  In the Fall election, four candidates will be on the ballot, and you may vote for up to two of them.  Please reach out to them via their contact information below.  We encourage you to support Gale and David!

Gale Anderson

Email: gma1234567890@gmail.com
Facebook: GaleAndersonforCityCouncil

Gale Anderson is a systems programmer who has been an Eagan resident since 1989.  He has previously served on the Eagan Planning Commission.  He earned his degrees in Computer Science and Business, and is a hunter and sportsman.

He is an advocate for responsible government, prudent spending, and keeping our property taxes low.  As a council member, he will work to help Eagan businesses grow, maintain our youth athletic programs, support our police, improve crime prevention, and protect our private property rights.


David Meyer

Website: davidmeyereaganpolitics.com
Email: dmeyer4citycouncil@gmail.com
Facebook: David Meyer 4 Eagan City Council

David believes that our city council members should be dedicated to serving the City of Eagan, and should not serve on other boards or public commissions.  If elected, he will serve only the City of Eagan and promises to put the interests of Eagan’s citizens and taxpayers ahead of the interests of the County, the utility companies, mass transit authorities, and the Met Council.

He will work to pay off the remaining debt on the Civic Arena, so that it can sustain itself, address the problems faced by our Fire Department (without increasing taxes), and attract new business to the city to replace the jobs lost by the departure of Northwest Airlines and Lockheed Martin.  He will also work to streamline the requirements and regulations that are in place, to make Eagan an easier place to do business.



Burnsville City Council

The joint committee we formed with the Senate District 56 Republicans has recommended one candidate for Burnsville City Council.  In the Fall election, four candidates will be on the ballot, and you may vote for up to two of them.  We encourage you to support William!


William Coughlin

Email: wjclaw@yahoo.com
Facebook: BillCoughlinForCityCouncil

During his past three years as a Burnsville City Council Member, William has done a great of thoroughly and fairly addressing the issues that were presented before him.  He is an experienced practicing attorney, former Prince of Peace Chuch board member, former BAC coach, and member of the local Chamber of Commerce and Rotary.

William will seek to manage the rising costs of services, while continuing to focus on providing excellent law enforcement, fire, and EMS services.  He also recognizes the need to control rising costs associated with road and park maintenance, and other public works, while still maintaining those functions.  To accomplish this without sacrificing the present quality of services, he will encourage the city to aggressively pursue services sharing and equipment purchasing arrangements with other government entities.


Local State House Races

Local politics are important. Please also check out our Minnesota State House candidates: Andrea Todd-Harlin and Jen Wilson. We also have a page listing other endorsed candidates on the ballot in 2014.