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To see if you live in House District 51A or 51B, please enter your address into the Minnesota Secretary of State’s PollFinder website, and check to see which district it lists for MN House.

Candidates for State House

Jen Wilson

District 51B


Website: http://www.jenwilsonforhouse.com
Email: jenforhouse@gmail.com
Facebook: jenforhouse
Twitter: @jenforhouse

My name is Jen Wilson. I hope to earn your support as the Republican candidate for State Representative in District 51B. I am a wife, mother of 3 teenage children, a 14 year Eagan resident, and a life-long Minnesotan. I have a B.A. in communications from Augsburg College, and currently work as an intellectual property paralegal. I also spent several years in sales, and have an extensive volunteer background.

Minnesota needs the kind of positive change that brings growth and opportunity, progress and prosperity. As your Representative I will join the fight to bring this much-needed positive change to MN through common-sense, conservative leadership. My priorities will be to promote job growth by reducing the excessive taxation and regulation burdening MN businesses, to reduce taxes on hardworking Minnesotans by bringing much-needed restraint to government spending. I’ll fight for reforms to effect a smaller, more efficient state government. We need choices in health care, not government mandates. I’ll work for market-based solutions and reducing top-down government, putting decisions into the hands of those most affected by those decisions. Please reach out to me with your questions or concerns. You can reach me at jenforhouse@gmail.com.


Andrea Todd-Harlin

District 51A


Website: http://www.andreatoddharlin.com
Facebook: andreaforhouse
Twitter: @atoddharlin

I am a long-term resident of this area. I was raised in Mendota Heights and I attended District 197 schools, graduating from Henry Sibley High School. I have benefited immensely from the opportunities this area provided me growing up, and I want to see the cities of Burnsville and Eagan continue to thrive.

I believe in the citizen legislator. The experiences a person has outside the walls of the Capitol have everything to do with what decisions they make once inside. I will work hard for you to ensure the community our children grow up in is safe and prosperous. I will support policies that show good fiscal stewardship of tax payer dollars, that enhance our schools and our community, and I will remember every day that my job is to make good decisions for my neighbors and my community.

I believe in the saying, “Government belongs to those who show up.” That mindset has motivated me to take part in my community and has inspired me to offer myself for elected office. I would be honored to serve as your representative, to work with you and for you to bring the voice of the citizens back to government.

City Council

Local politics are important – they can have a huge role in making life easy or difficult for businesses and homeowners. Please also check out our city council candidates: Gale Anderson (Eagan), David Meyer (Eagan), and William Coughlin (Burnsville). We also have a page listing other endorsed candidates on the ballot in 2014.


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