2017 SD51 BPOU Election results

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Jan 28, 2017 No Comments ›› GOP Activist

Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Committee (as of 1/28/2017)!  Here are the results of our elections from today’s convention:

Chair: Scott Gill

Deputy Chair:
Buzz Anderson

First Vice Chairs (alphabetical):
Mary Makeeff
Nick Paris

Second Vice Chairs (alphabetical):
Pamela Faye
Joe Taylor

Third Vice Chairs (alphabetical):
Diane Anderson
Candice Reyes

Secretary: Melissa Evans

Treasurer: Greg Buck

HD51A Chair: Gale Anderson
HD51A Deputy Chair: Mike Tierney

HD51B Chair: Jeff Schuette
HD51B Deputy Chair: Arlene Sheldon

Director of Communications/Technology: Joseph Witthuhn

Fundraising Chair: Bob Becker

State Central Delegates (alphabetical):

  • Scott Gill
  • Victor Lake
  • Jeff Schuette
  • Joseph Witthuhn

State Central Alternates (ranked):

  1. Gale Anderson
  2. David Meyer
  3. Laura Gill
  4. Mike Tierney
  5. Buzz Anderson
  6. Thomas Erickson
  7. Barb Linert
  8. Melissa Evans

Three amendments were passed to our Constitution. The updated document is available here.