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We are happy to introduce you to your endorsed Republican candidates for 2014.  Please follow the links below to check out their websites and learn about their views and plans for Minnesota.  You can also like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to receive updates for their campaigns (while you are at it, consider liking/following the SD51 Republicans on Facebook here and on Twitter here).  We encourage you to support our candidates in the November 4 general election.  Please also consider a contribution to the SD51 Republicans or volunteer your time with us to help us elect these candidates in November!  This page describes our endorsed statewide, congressional, and local candidates for 2014.

Governor: Jeff Johnson

JeffJohnsonWhoWEBJeff Johnson was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2000, where he served for six years.  He was elected as Assistant Majority Leader and served as Chairman of the Civil Law and Elections Committee.  As a legislator, Jeff worked to limit the power of government to take private property through eminent domain, pass tort reforms, combat the methamphetamine epidemic, and cut the Minnesota capital gains tax rate.  In 2008, Jeff was elected to the Board of Commissioners in Hennepin County, where he still serves today.  In that capacity, Jeff has advocated for accountability in government, prioritization of spending, and a requirement that government programs are measured by the results that they actually produce. In 2011, he was elected as the Republican National Committeeman from Minnesota.  For more information on Jeff Johnson and his accomplishments, please visit his website below.

Website: http://johnsonforgovernor.org/

Facebook: jeff4gov

Twitter: Jeff4Gov

U.S. Senate: Mike McFadden

mcfaddenMike McFadden grew up in a household that stressed the importance of hard work and education.  He attended the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, where he majored in Economics.  He then attended Georgetown Law University Law Center, and now lives in Sunfish Lake, MN with his wife and six kids.  For more than 20 years, Mike helped to grow a company from a dozen employees in one office to more than 100 employees in locations around the world.    Mike has a passion for educating our youth, and for the past four years has been active with the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Minneapolis (most students entering this school test one to two grades behind their grade level).  This work has given Mike insight into the struggles that many Minnesotans face.  As Senator, Mike hopes to spark a serious policy debate about our nation’s education system.

Website: http://www.mikemcfadden.com/

Facebook: MikeForMN

Twitter: MikeForMN

U.S. House of Representatives (CD2): John Kline

klineDuring John Kline’s successful and distinguished career in the Marines, he served as a helicopter pilot and earned the honor and responsibility of flying Marine One, the President’s personal helicopter.  He served as a military aide to President Carter and President Reagan, which included the responsibility of carrying the nuclear “football” for the President.  Congressman Kline was elected to serve as our district’s representative in Congress in 2002, and he has served us well ever since.  His legislative accomplishments include:

  • pushing for historic spending cuts
  • fighting ObamaCare
  • rooting out bureaucratic waste
  • standing up to the National Labor Relations Board
  • protecting the right to life
  • leading the charge to eliminate earmarks in Washington
  • supporting our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms
  • advocating for stronger border security

Website: http://www.klineforcongress.com/

Facebook: John Kline

Twitter: Kline4Congress

For the next two candidates, to see if you live in House District 51A or 51B, please enter your address into the Minnesota Secretary of State’s PollFinder website, and check to see which district it lists for MN House.

Minnesota House of Representatives (HD51A): Andrea Todd-Harlin

Andrea Todd-HarlinAndrea is a long-term resident of the area.  She was raised in Mendota Heights and attended ISD 197 schools.  She wants to see the cities of Burnsville and Eagan continue to thrive.  If elected, she will work hard to ensure that our community remains safe and prosperous.  Andrea has a healthcare background in both the public and private sectors, and wants to bring her patient-centered healthcare ideas to the table to keep healthcare hassle-free.  She wants to preserve the relationship between patient and doctor, and believes that our healthcare system should not be driven by the government.   Andrea will dedicate herself to balancing our budget by funding those programs that work and eliminating those that do not.  She believes that the government is responsible to its citizens to be a good steward of our hard-earned tax dollars and to stop wasteful spending.

Website: http://www.andreatoddharlin.com/

Facebook: andreaforhouse

Twitter: atoddharlin

Minnesota House of Representatives (HD51B): Jen Wilson

wilsonJen is a wife, mother of three teenage children, 14-year Eagan resident, and lifelong Minnesotan.  She has a B.A. in Communications from Augsburg College, and works an intellectual property paralegal.  She also spent several years in sales, and has volunteered extensively.  As your State Representative, Jen will work to promote job growth by reducing the excessive taxation and regulation burdening Minnesota businesses.  She will also work to reduce taxes on hardworking Minnesotans by bringing much needed restraint to government spending.  Jen believes in a smaller, more efficient state government, and will work to implement market-based solutions for healthcare issues – solutions that put decisions in the hands of individuals, and not legislative mandates that take choices away and defer to government bureaucracy.

Website: http://www.jenwilsonforhouse.com/

E-Mail: jenforhouse@gmail.com

Facebook: jenforhouse

Twitter: jenforhouse

 Secretary of State: Dan Severson

danseversonDan Severson is a husband, father, businessman, former state legislator, navy top gun fighter, and our future secretary of state!  Dan received a commission with the U.S. Navy in 1979.  During his 22 years in the Navy, Dan received two Meritorious Service medals and 9 military commendations.  In 2003, Dan ran for State Representative in District 14A (Sauk Rapids/St. Cloud area).  Since serving in the legislature, Dan has been working to spread the conservative message in his role as Co-Founder and CEO of the Minority Liberty Alliance.  As Secretary of State, Dan will work to ensure the integrity of Minnesota’s elections.  He will work to employ technology to ensure that everyone who is eligible to vote is able to vote, and to have each vote counted only one time.  Dan will also seek to make it easier for Minnesota businesses to incorporate and register with the Secretary of State’s office, streamlining and simplifying the process.

Website: http://danseverson.com/

Facebook: DanDocSeverson

Twitter: Severson

State Auditor: Randy Gilbert

RG200The State Auditor in Minnesota oversees how $20 billion of taxpayer funds are spent throughout all levels of state and local government.  Just as working families are forced to do more with less, Randy Gilbert believes that Minnesota needs a State Auditor who will work to ensure that our government isn’t misusing our tax dollars.  Randy has a degree in Accounting from the University of Minnesota – Duluth, and has served three terms as Mayor of Long Lake.  As Mayor, he successfully worked to improve the efficiency and quality of city services.  Randy will use his position to shine a light on how tax dollars in Minnesota are spent, and will work tirelessly to restore fiscal responsibility to our state and local governments.

Website: http://gilbertforauditor.com/

Facebook: Randy Gilbert for State Auditor

Twitter: RandyWGilbert

Attorney General: Scott Newman

newmanScott Newman is an attorney and two-term State Senator representing Minnesota’s 18th district (McLeod, Meeker, and Wright counties). As Senator, he authored the photo identification constitutional amendment. Newman believes that there is no place for politics in the office of attorney general – an office which he says carries grave responsibilities which we have been failing to meet for almost half a century. Newman has also served as a former Hennepin County Deputy Sheriff, an administrative law judge, and has served a term in Minnesota’s House of Representatives.

Website: http://newmanforattorneygeneral.com/

Facebook: NewmanforAttorneyGeneral

Twitter: NewmanforAG

The city council candidates below were not part of the endorsement process that we follow at our convention, but followed the MNGOP’s process for recommending candidates whose jurisdiction spans multiple BPOUs.  These candidates below were all recommended by the SD51 Republican Party executive committee.  The Eagan candidates were also recommended by the HD52B Republican Party executive committee and the Burnsville candidate was also recommended by the SD56 Republican Party executive committee.

Eagan City Council: David Meyer and Gale Anderson

David Meyer

David Meyer believes that our city council members should be dedicated to serving the City of Eagan, and should not serve on other boards or public commissions. If elected, he will serve only the City of Eagan and promises to put the interests of Eagan’s citizens and taxpayers ahead of the interests of the County, the utility companies, mass transit authorities, and the Met Council.

He will work to pay off the remaining debt on the Civic Arena, so that it can sustain itself, address the problems faced by our Fire Department (without increasing taxes), and attract new business to the city to replace the jobs lost by the departure of Northwest Airlines and Lockheed Martin. He will also work to streamline the requirements and regulations that are in place, to make Eagan an easier place to do business.

Website: http://davidmeyereaganpolitics.com/

E-Mail: dmeyer4citycouncil@gmail.com

Facebook: David Meyer 4 Eagan City Council

Gale Anderson is a systems programmer who has been an Eagan resident since 1989. He has previously served on the Eagan Planning Commission. He earned his degrees in Computer Science and Business, and is a hunter and sportsman.

He is an advocate for responsible government, prudent spending, and keeping our property taxes low. As a council member, he will work to help Eagan businesses grow, maintain our youth athletic programs, support our police, improve crime prevention, and protect our private property rights.

E-Mail: gma1234567890@gmail.com

Facebook: GaleAndersonforCityCouncil

 Burnsville City Council: William Coughlin

During his past three years as a Burnsville City Council Member, William has done a great of thoroughly and fairly addressing the issues that were presented before him. He is an experienced practicing attorney, former Prince of Peace Chuch board member, former BAC coach, and member of the local Chamber of Commerce and Rotary.

William will seek to manage the rising costs of services, while continuing to focus on providing excellent law enforcement, fire, and EMS services. He also recognizes the need to control rising costs associated with road and park maintenance, and other public works, while still maintaining those functions. To accomplish this without sacrificing the present quality of services, he will encourage the city to aggressively pursue services sharing and equipment purchasing arrangements with other government entities.

E-Mail: wjclaw@yahoo.com

Facebook: BillCoughlinForCityCouncil