Senator Carlson: Pro-Tax, Anti-Spending Cuts Sen Carlson's Pro Taxes and Anti Spending Cuts will Hurt Families and Businesses

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Feb 3, 2013 Comments Off on Senator Carlson: Pro-Tax, Anti-Spending Cuts GOP Activist

Senate District 51’s Senator Jim Carlson (DFL) was caught on tape at a town hall by the MN Job Coalition discussing his pro-taxes and anti-spending cuts agenda for Minnesotans. Sen. Jim Carlson first states “Spending is not an easy thing to cut” which is disappointing because the alternative to solving the $1.1 billion Minnesota state budget deficit is to raise taxes on hard-working Minnesotans. Democrat promises along the campaign trail last year was they were only going to tax the rich and the middle class would not be impacted. Now after seeing Governor’s Dayton’s tax proposal we know all Minnesotans are going to be impacted by proposed tax increases.

Sen. Carlson also talks about the importance of getting people out of prison and into the job market. Sen Carlson states “We need to get people out of prison…so that they’re back in the work force.” I don’t know about you, but the priority of our Senator should be about getting the private economy growing again so jobs can be created for all those who are unemployed, including the long-term unemployed who have left the unemployment lines because the benefits have run out and are now forced to rely on government support programs like food stamps. Those people are hurting and as good Minnesotans our priority should be on increasing the growth of private sector job.

Sen. Jim Carlson needs to adjust his priorities and focus on keeping government growth in check, oppose new taxes that hurt all working families, and foster private sector job growth so we can get those impacted by the Great Recession back to work.

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