2021 SD51 BPOU Election results

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Feb 8, 2021 No Comments ›› GOP Activist

Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Committee (as of 2/6/2021) and our representatives elected to the MNGOP State Central Committee!

Here are the results of our elections from today’s convention:

Chair: James Kiner

Deputy Chair:
David Meyer

First Vice Chairs (alphabetical):
Diane Anderson
Thomas Newfield

Second Vice Chairs (alphabetical):
Gregory Buck
Fern Smith

Secretary: Shirley Schwanz

Treasurer: Candice Reyes

Director of Communications/Technology: Joseph Witthuhn

HD51A Chair: Gale Anderson
HD51A Deputy Chair: James Cammarato

HD51B Chair: Scott Gill
HD51B Deputy Chair: Arlene Sheldon

State Central Delegates (alphabetical):

  • Laura Gill
  • Scott Gill
  • James Kiner
  • Joseph Witthuhn

State Central Alternates (ranked):

  1. David Meyer
  2. Thomas Newfield
  3. Arlene Sheldon
  4. Shaji Varghese
  5. Gregory Buck