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This page contains information on the different ways to vote, and if you scroll down, you can meet your Republican candidates!

How to Vote

There are three ways to vote in the 2020 General Election:

1. Vote In Person on Election Day
In person voting on Election Day will take place from 7am to 8pm on Tuesday, November 3rd. You can use this online polling place finder to see where you vote and what will be on your ballot. Many of the polling places have changed since the last election, so make sure to look up your updated polling place for this election.

2. Early Voting by Mail
You can click here to request that an absentee ballot be mailed to you. You will then receive your ballot in the mail, and must return it by election day. Starting a few business days after your submit your absentee ballot application, you can track the status of your ballot here to see when it has been mailed to you and to confirm that your ballot has been received.

3. Early Voting In-Person
Early voting began on Friday, September 18th and runs through the day before the election. If you live outside of Eagan and Burnsville, you can look up where to go here.

If you live in Eagan or Burnsville, early voting hours are:
Any Monday to Friday: 7:30am – 4pm (Eagan) or 8am – 4:30pm (Burnsville)
Saturday, October 31st: 10am – 3pm
Monday, November 2: 7:30am – 5pm (Eagan) or 8am – 5pm (Burnsville)

Eagan and Burnsville residents can vote early in person at their respective City Halls. Eagan’s is located at 3830 Pilot Knob Rd and Burnsville’s is located at 100 Civic Center Pkwy.

Meet Your Local Republican Candidates

You can use Minnesota’s polling place finder to determine what districts you live in and which candidates will be on your ballot.

Douglas Willetts for Minnesota Senate
District 51

Doug is running to represent us in the Minnesota Senate so that he can get big government out of the way of both businesses and us living our individual lives. He served 29 years in the army and recently retired.

Visit Doug’s WebsiteLike Doug on FacebookFollow Doug on Twitter

Patrick Zurick for Minnesota House
District 51A

Patrick is running to represent Eagan and Burnsville in the Minnesota House. He will fight to build economic growth, maintain affordable healthcare, and focus on getting the best education possible for our children. Patrick and his wife are small business owners, operating an inclusive Preschool Kindergarten for the past 12 years.

Visit Patrick’s WebsiteFriend Patrick on Facebook

Fern Smith for Minnesota House
District 51B

Fern is running to represent Eagan in the Minnesota House. As a woman of color and an individual with a disability, she brings a unique perspective to the table and will fight for all Eagan residents in Saint Paul. If elected, her focus will be on education and getting Eagan’s businesses and economy back on the right track.

Visit Fern’s WebsiteLike Fern on FacebookFollow Fern on Twitter

Diane Anderson for Dakota County Commissioner
District 3

Diane is running to represent us on the Dakota County Commission. If elected, Diane will work to make Dakota County more responsive to its citizens and will fight to keep our taxes low. Diane is a former GOP legislator who represented Eagan and Burnsville, and her opponent is a former DFL legislator from Eagan.

NOTE: Party affiliations for this race will not appear on the ballot, but the GOP is recommending a vote for Diane in this race.

Visit Diane’s WebsiteLike Diane on Facebook

David Meyer for Eagan City Council

David is running for Eagan City Council. He will fight for limited, responsible government, support our police and fire departments, and protect both private and public property.

NOTE: Party affiliations for this race will not appear on the ballot, but the GOP is recommending a vote for David in this race.

You can reach him at dmeyer4citycouncil@gmail.com

Meet Your Federal Republican Candidates

Tyler Kistner for US House
District 2

Tyler recently finished nine years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving five of those years in the elite Marine Special Operations Forces. Tyler is frustrated by the gridlock and partisanship in Washington, and is running for Congress to build a safer and more prosperous future for all of us, and to end the dysfunction in DC.

The Minnesota Secretary of State had previously announced a special election for Tuesday, February 9th. Federal courts have blocked that and returned this election to November 3rd.

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Jason Lewis for US Senate

Jason Lewis is running for US Senate. He spent years on the radio, running a successful conservative talk radio program. More recently, he served as our Congressman in the US House from 2016 to 2018. He has spent his career fighting for conservative causes and will make a great US Senator!

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Donald J. Trump for President

President Trump is running for re-election. He has spent the past four years fighting for us against endless obstruction and blind hatred from the left. We need to send President Trump back to the white house to get our economy roaring again, fight for law and order over chaos and riots, and appoint judges who will protect our rights.

Visit President Trump’s WebsiteLike President Trump on FacebookFollow President Trump on Twitter


This is an independent expenditure prepared and paid for by 51st Senate District RPM, PO Box 211607, Eagan, MN 55121. It is not coordinated with or approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for it.